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Israel's invasion of Gaza: A historical perspective

PLUS: Ukraine air disaster: behind the propaganda blitz

July 21, 2014
Gaza ground invasion

Richard Becker of the ANSWER Coalition discusses the historical precedent for Israel's brutal assault on Gaza and Israeli military objectives. Brian Becker of the Party for Socialism and Liberation analyzes the Malaysia Airlines disaster and U.S. attempts to blame Russia in the midst of a war in Ukraine.

People worldwide stand up to Israel's massacre in Palestine

PLUS: Freedom Summer's 50th anniversary remembered

July 14, 2014
Protest in solidarity with Palestine, June 2014

Richard Becker of the ANSWER Coalition dissects Israel's lies surrounding its brutal attack on Gaza, and discusses the movement in solidarity with Palestine. Eugene Puryear of Liberation News looks at the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer.

Hobby Lobby ruling an attack on women | Supreme Court takes on labor

PLUS: A socialist view of the struggle against a new war on Iraq

July 7, 2014
Women's rights rally

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, executive director of the Partnership for Civil Justice discusses the anti-woman Hobby Lobby decision. Jeff Bigelow, veteran trade-unionist, talks Supreme Court moves against labor. Sarah Sloan, PSL member, on Iraq.

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