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New Mexico stands up against police brutality | Syria conflict's new stage

PLUS: Solitary confinement in prisons violates human rights

April 21, 2014
Albuquerque protest against police killing of James Boyd

Organizer Sydney Hodge reports on Albuquerque protests against the police killing of James Boyd. Mazda Majidi of Liberation News covers the latest on Syria's civil war. Attorney Heather Benno analyzes a California court ruling on solitary confinement.

Growing revolt against Ukraine's new regime | Equal pay and women's oppression

PLUS: Forging a way forward against police brutality

April 14, 2014
Communists in Ukraine

ANSWER Coalition's Brian Becker on the emerging protest movement against neo-fascism in Kiev. Peta Lindsay of WORD on Obama Administration and pay equity. Voices from a recent California conference against police terror.

Supreme Court ruling fortifies rich | Report details climate change impact

PLUS: Families of police brutality victims speak out

April 7, 2014
Supreme Court

Socialist and DC Council candidate Eugene Puryear speaks out on the latest high court ruling on campaign finance. Liberation News' Jane Cutter on new UN report on climate change. Voices from a California conference against police brutality.

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