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Rebellion against racism in Ferguson | Iraq at the breaking point

PLUS: College athletes win victory in O’Bannon ruling

August 18, 2014
Protests against police brutality in Ferguson, Mo.

Eugene Puryear, author and activist, addresses the rebellion against racism in Ferguson, Mo. Brian Becker, Nat'l Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, analyzes the crisis in Iraq. Attorney Radhika Miller speaks on the significance of the O’Bannon ruling for college athletes.

Ukraine at the boiling point

PLUS: U.S. seeks overthrow of socialism in Cuba

August 11, 2014
Ukrainian militants

Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, discusses the current conflict in Ukraine and the potential for a wider war. Gloria La Riva of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five discusses U.S. counterrevolutionary efforts in Cuba.

Israel's war amid global resistance made possible by U.S. support

PLUS: Racist forces take aim at immigrant children

August 4, 2014
Demonstration against bombing of Gaza, July 2014

Richard Becker, author of "Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire," discusses Israel's unrelenting military offensive against Gaza. Attorney Heather Benno talks about the intense media focus on immigrant children and the anti-immigrant voices targeting them.

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