• Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace and the Bradley Manning Support Network discusses efforts by the government to shut out the public from the politically charged trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning, who faces a life sentence for heroically exposing U.S. war crimes. For more information on the Bradley Manning case, visit www.BradleyManning.org.
  • PSL member and queer and trans rights activist Jac Mautner discusses organizing efforts against anti-LGBT bigotry in the aftermath of the killing of Mark Carson. The murder of the 32-year-old gay man is the latest episode in a series of incidents of anti-LGBT harassment and violence in Manhattan.
  • Student debt expert and ANSWER Coalition organizer Radhika Miller discusses the dire crisis faced by U.S. students who collectively owe $1 trillion and could see their student load interest rates double this summer. Why does education come at such a high price in the richest country in the world?
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