Black liberation, socialism and the struggle today

Listen now: This special edition of Liberation Radio features the first 30 minutes of a one-hour interview with PSL leaders Brian Becker and Eugene Puryear. The second half of the interview will air in next week’s edition of Liberation Radio. The interview was conducted by Dr. Jared Ball of iMiXWHATiLiKE! and WPFW 89.3FM Pacifica Radio in D.C. The interview covers far-reaching topics on socialism and communism, the centrality of the national question and the fight for Black liberation in the PSL’s strategic orientation on the U.S. class struggle, and the role played by Marxism in the anti-colonial and national liberation movements following World War II. We thank Jared Ball for the right to re-air the interview. To see more of Jared Ball’s work go to

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