Racist massacre in Charleston – spawn of an empire of violence

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, reviews the history of racist violence and the current racism generated by right-wing U.S. politicians and the media that led to the massacre of nine members of the Emanuel AME Church. Capitalist politicians describe this act as “tragedy,” but when nine members of a historic African-American church are murdered by a racist vigilante while engaged in prayer, it can only be described as another expression of racist terror that has dominated the history of the United States and South Carolina. The Confederate flag, a symbol of slavery and terrorism, still flies over the South Carolina State House. Puryear also explains the history of this church, which was co-founded by anti-slavery martyr Denmark Vesey, who the state of South Carolina put to death in 1822 along with many other freedom fighters and enslaved people. Vesey’s crime: organizing to liberate enslaved people in South Carolina and elsewhere.

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