Listen now: PSL organizer Walter Smolarek covers the new budget agreement aimed at avoiding the sequestration deadline, but which sells out poor and working people in the process.

Listen now: Liberation newspaper’s Eugene Puryear takes an extended look at France’s recent intervention in the Central African Republic, and the long history of colonialism in the region.

Listen now: PSL organizer Radhika Miller analyzes a new report, which points out the egregiousness of life sentences for minor nonviolent offenses in the United States.

Listen now: PSL member Eugene Puryear analyzes the recent U.S. raid in Somalia and how the alleged fight against terrorism has helped advance Washington’s imperialist agenda in Africa.

Listen now: Nikia Ramsey speaks on the murder of her brother Burrell “Bo” Ramsey-White by Boston police, and the corruption, racism and cover-ups surrounding the case.

Listen now: WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) organizer Sydney Hodge discusses the ballot measure that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in Albuquerque, N.M., and the larger war on women across the country.

  • Eugene Puryear reports on the April 13 White House Rally and March to demand “U.S. drones out of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and everywhere.” Actions took place across the country in solidarity with the Washington, D.C., protest organized by the ANSWER Coalition to oppose drone technology that has already killed more than 5,000 people abroad and is now being used to conduct surveillance at home.
  • Latin America solidarity activist Gloria La Riva discusses CIA intervention in Venezuela and the agency’s possible involvement in operations targeting late President Hugo Chávez. The CIA recently responded to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund neither confirming nor denying knowledge or participation in a plot to poison or assassinate Chávez by any other means.
  • Iraq war veteran and March Forward! member Kevin Baker talks about an outreach campaign to bring a simple message to Fort Hood soldiers: “You don’t have to go to Afghanistan.” Led by a team of Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam veterans, active-duty soldiers and military families, the campaign comes just ahead of a May deployment of troops from Fort Hood to Afghanistan.

Activist Eugene Puryear analyzes the geostrategic imperatives and multi-billion-dollar profit opportunities at the center of a growing “drone culture” promoted by the Pentagon and the corporate media. Following a major National Geographic feature on drones, Puryear discusses this development and what is being done to fight back. Learn more about the upcoming April 13 demonstration in Washington, D.C., and take action by signing the Vote No Drones initiative now.

With the return of Hugo Chávez to Venezuela following cancer treatment in Cuba, Gloria La Riva looks at the right-wing campaign against the Bolivarian Revolution. Could Venezuela’s revolutionary process continue without Chávez? What’s at stake for Venezuela and the rest of Latin America as the U.S.-backed opposition seeks to use Chávez’s illness for its political gain?

Iraq war veteran and March Forward! co-founder Mike Prysner looks at the real causes of the alarming suicide rates among military veterans. Prysner explains the role of the military brass in fueling this epidemic that now takes more lives than combat, and talks about the organizing work that March Forward! is conducting among veterans and active-duty service members to fight for their rights and build opposition to imperialist war.

As part of our special Black History Month coverage, each week we’ll look at how communities and activists are organizing to fight back against racist police brutality. Ramarley Graham’s death became a symbol of the struggle against the violent NYPD. One year after the shooting of the unarmed teenager by Bronx police, his mother Constance Malcolm speaks to Liberation Radio about her son’s case and building a movement for justice.

In response to the growing number of Pentagon drone strikes in Africa, a diverse coalition of organizations is calling for a demonstration at the White House on April 13. Eugene Puryear joins the program from Washington, D.C., to discuss the April mobilization and the high-tech drone war providing new means for the same old colonial ends.

The Obama administration has announced immigration reform will be central to its agenda, and Congress has put forth an outline of its immigration reform goals – but does any of it amount to true equality for immigrants? Activist Karina Garcia joins the program to dissect Washington’s proposed reforms and explain what is at stake for immigrant workers.

Despite having its permit revoked for a large-scale Speak-out of the Unemployed for Jobs and Justice at Freedom Plaza during the Presidential Inaugural Parade, the ANSWER Coalition organized to get its message out all over the parade route in Washington, D.C., yesterday. Speaking to Liberation Radio shortly before this successful action honoring Dr. King’s legacy of organization and mobilization, ANSWER’s National Coordinator Brian Becker discusses the coordinated efforts by the National Park Service and the Presidential Inaugural Committee to silence the voices of the unemployed and replace them with corporate donors.

As French bombs rain over Mali, Eugene Puryear explains the real motives behind the intervention by Mali’s former colonial masters, what is at stake for the people of Mali and Africa as a whole, and the importance of opposing this latest act of imperialist aggression.

A growing number of women and their supporters are mobilizing for major actions on March 8 and 9 to say: “Stop violence against women everywhere!” Danielle Norwood, an organizer with Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD), discusses the significance of these mobilizations in the context of the recent upsurge of struggle around violence against women and what is truly needed to advance women’s rights.