Despite having its permit revoked for a large-scale Speak-out of the Unemployed for Jobs and Justice at Freedom Plaza during the Presidential Inaugural Parade, the ANSWER Coalition organized to get its message out all over the parade route in Washington, D.C., yesterday. Speaking to Liberation Radio shortly before this successful action honoring Dr. King’s legacy of organization and mobilization, ANSWER’s National Coordinator Brian Becker discusses the coordinated efforts by the National Park Service and the Presidential Inaugural Committee to silence the voices of the unemployed and replace them with corporate donors.

As French bombs rain over Mali, Eugene Puryear explains the real motives behind the intervention by Mali’s former colonial masters, what is at stake for the people of Mali and Africa as a whole, and the importance of opposing this latest act of imperialist aggression.

A growing number of women and their supporters are mobilizing for major actions on March 8 and 9 to say: “Stop violence against women everywhere!” Danielle Norwood, an organizer with Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD), discusses the significance of these mobilizations in the context of the recent upsurge of struggle around violence against women and what is truly needed to advance women’s rights.

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