• Speaking shortly before Israeli airstrikes on Syria and revelations by a UN commission that the Syrian opposition may have used sarin gas, Richard Becker of the ANSWER Coalition analyzes U.S. strategy in Syria and the political motives behind unsubstantiated allegations that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons in the conflict.
  • As the Obama administration maneuvers to restrict women’s access to emergency contraception, Partnership for Civil Justice Fund attorney Andrea Costello comments on recent legal developments and what’s at stake. The PCJF represents grassroots feminists activists with National Women’s Liberation (NWL) and 15-year-old Anaya Kelly in a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration and Health and Human Services to remove all restrictions on over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill.
  • Iranian activist Mazda Majidi looks at the history of imperialist intervention in Iran as that country fights for its sovereignty and the right to develop a nuclear energy program even as it faces crippling sanctions.
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