Listen now: Immigrant rights activist Blanca Hernandez chained herself to the ICE office in Washington, D.C., as part of nationwide protests against deportations. She speaks to Liberation Radio about the movement for immigrant justice.

Listen now: PSL activist Mike Chrisemer shares the voices of workers impacted by the holiday closing of a Queens, N.Y., grocery store with no notice given as workers were locked out in freezing temperatures. Workers rallied and told their stories.

Listen now: Liberation Radio’s Rene Ruiz reports on the fast-food worker protests for a living wage that swept the United States in December, including those struggling to make ends meet, their supporters and others fighting for better wages.

  • PSL member Eugene Puryear speaks on the fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, shortly after PSL and ANSWER took to the streets with others in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the racist murder of the African American youth.
  • Nathalie Hrizi of WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) talks about the brutal rape cases in New Delhi, India, and Steubenville, Ohio, that made international headlines and drew thousands to protest violence against women.
  • WORD organizer Danielle Norwood speaks on the fight against anti-abortion legislation in Texas after it passed the state legislature amid mass protests and a nationally publicized filibuster.
  • Egyptian activist Salma gives an eyewitness account of mass demonstrations in Egypt culminating in the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi by the military. What lies ahead for the revolutionary movement in Egypt? (Salma asked that her last name be withheld.)
  • Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, reports back on his visit to the Middle East and dissects the imperialist narrative on the highly publicized allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria.

Listen now: PSL organizer Walter Smolarek covers the new budget agreement aimed at avoiding the sequestration deadline, but which sells out poor and working people in the process.

Listen now: Liberation newspaper’s Eugene Puryear takes an extended look at France’s recent intervention in the Central African Republic, and the long history of colonialism in the region.

Listen now: PSL organizer Radhika Miller analyzes a new report, which points out the egregiousness of life sentences for minor nonviolent offenses in the United States.

Listen now: PSL organizer Eugene Puryear speaks on the recent Massachusetts crime lab scandal rife with prosecutorial misconduct and other official abuses under the War on Drugs banner.

Listen now: Gloria La Riva of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five discusses recent news of the suspension of Cuban consular services after its sole financial partner withdraws.

Listen now: Filmmaker Deirdre Sinnott talks about the 1990 New York case that resulted in the imprisonment of seven youth, and her film “23 Reasons Why 23 Years in Enough: Clemency for Pascual Carpenter,” which chronicles one defendant’s experience.

Listen now: Mazda Majidi of Liberation newspaper’s editorial board analyzes the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, the ongoing sanctions, and the disagreement between the United States and Israel.

Listen now: WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) activist Danielle Norwood discusses the power of organized resistance that led to the recent victories for reproductive rights in Albuquerque and in the struggle around the Stebeunville rape case.

Listen now: Iraq war veteran and March Forward! co-founder Mike Prysner discusses immunity for war crimes and Afghanistan’s future as its President Hamid Karzai prepares to sign an agreement to retain U.S. troops for years to come.