Listen now: Women Organized to Resist and Defend’s Heather Benno reports on the Marissa Alexander case, and state prosecutors’ attempts to send her back to prison, as well as the movement to free Alexander.

Listen now: Liberation newspaper’s Mazda Majidi analyzes the internationally brokered talks on Syria’s nuclear program, the push to exclude Iran, and the sides left participating in negotiations.

Listen now: The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Nathalie Hrizi speaks about her run for the California Insurance Commissioner seat, the healthcare situation facing the state, and why she’s running for office regulating the insurance industry.

Listen now: PSL’s Gloria La Riva looks at the life of Martin Luther King as the holiday in his honor has become a rallying point for emerging racial and economic justice struggles inspired by his work.

Listen now: Eugene Puryear of the ANSWER Coalition looks back at the life of Amiri Baraka, the poet, political organizer and activist who recently passed away, and his complex, fearlessly revolutionary politics.

Listen now: Middle East analyst and writer Richard Becker critiques the corporate media’s rewriting of the life of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and Sharon’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

Listen now: Radhika Miller of the Party for Socialism and Liberation analyzes what the anniversary of the Guantanamo camp’s opening has meant for human rights, the political climate and imperial power.

Listen now: Iraq veteran Mike Prysner of March Forward assesses the latest word on sectarian violence in Iraq and imperialism’s role in creating the conditions that have plunged the country into new warfare.

Listen now: Kerbie Joseph of the ANSWER Coalition shares how New York City is organizing against the return of William Bratton as police commissioner, as well as the stop-and-frisk policies he ushered in.

Listen now: PSL’s Eugene Puryear discusses politically motivated prosecutions following the release of civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart after a global movement organized for her freedom.

Listen now: Jane Cutter of Liberation News talks about her recent article on health care disparities and the impact of racism on Black women facing breast cancer.

Listen now: PSL organizer Walter Smolarek analyzes the “taper,” a Federal Reserve effort to protect capitalist institutions, and contrasts it with cuts in unemployment insurance and other services that serve far more people.