Listen now: Ferguson and the growing movement against racist police terror, international issues from Iraq, Syria and Gaza to Cuba and the Ukraine, workers’ struggles for $15 Now and against the privatization of the postal service, the People’s Climate March, struggles of veterans against the war and much more — name a struggle in 2014 and Liberation Radio was there covering those engaged in fighting for change! Liberation Radio reviews 2014 as we begin another year of fightback!

police brutality protest with child and i can't breathe

Huge demonstrations push forward movement against police terror

Listen now: Kerbie Joseph from the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York City reports on the outpouring of protesters in recent marches across the country against police terror. She discusses the steadfast movement that continues to grow.

detainee at us torture camp

Report details massive U.S. torture program

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the PSL in Washington, D.C., discusses the worldwide outcry upon the release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on torture. He looks at the context of the report and how we should respond.

cuban 5 are free

The Cuban Five are finally free!

Listen now: Gloria La Riva, National Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, discusses the 16-year struggle to free the Cuban Five, how the Five exposed the CIA’s counterrevolutionary activities, and the shift in U.S.-Cuba relations.

sf protest against police brutality

The developing movement against racism and police terror

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, provides insight into the growing movement against police terror, the emerging leadership among Black youth and the ongoing response from athletes and celebrities in support of the struggle.

free the angola 3

Angola 3 – Albert Woodfox’s conviction overturned!

Listen now: Robert King Wilkerson, one of the Angola 3 released in 2001, discusses the recent ruling to overturn Albert Woodfox’s conviction after 42 years in solitary. The Angola 3’s struggle highlights the torture of solitary confinement and the need to fight it.

end rape culture

Fighting rape culture

Listen now: Radhika Miller, an organizer with WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend), discusses sexual assault on college campuses and how the ongoing story about the culture at the University of Virginia exposes institutionalized sexism under capitalism both on and off college campuses.


Struggle for justice for the 43 in Ayotzinapa grips Mexico

Listen now: Frank Lara, an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in San Francisco, discusses the outpouring against the state-sponsored disappearance of the 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, and how it relates to police terror in the U.S.


“I can’t breathe” echoes across the U.S.

Listen now: Karla Reyes, an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York, reports on the mass reaction to the non-indictment of Daniel Pantaleo for the killing of Eric Garner in the wake of the Darren Wilson decision.

Ferguson protest - it is right to rebel

From mass outrage to mass movement: the struggle against police terror

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the Party of Socialism and Liberation, discusses the growing movement against police terror, analyzing how the oppression of Black people and the movement will breed greater resistance.

Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander’s recent plea bargain & freedom in 2015

Listen now: Radhika Miller, D.C.-based attorney, speaks on the movement to free Marissa Alexander and the recent plea bargain that will see her free this January.