Imperialism in the 21st Century: an in-depth interview with the editor of the PSL’s new book

Listen now: Ben Becker, the editor of Imperialism in the 21st Century: Updating Lenin’s Theory a Century Later by PSL Publications, reviews the rationale to revisit Lenin’s work on imperialism in the wake of WWI and the validity of Lenin’s thesis 100 years later. Features of modern imperialism have some unique characteristics, but the war drive behind monopoly capitalism has remained essentially the same – and socialism is the only way to rid the world of imperialist war. Click here to order a copy of the book with free ground shipping.


Resistance against neo-colonialism in the Congo

Listen now: Ben Kabamba, one of many activists facing repression in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, provides updates on the resistance movement against neo-colonialism in the country. The resource-rich Congo is the largest African nation by size and fourth in population and has historically been a priority of the imperialists. For more information, visit


Venezuelan President responds to Obama’s threat: “Imperialism will receive the biggest lesson”

Listen now: Danny Shaw with the ANSWER Coalition discusses Obama’s declaration that the Bolivarian government of Venezuela is “an extraordinary threat to the U.S. national security,” and the response of the Venezuelan people. The critical situation requires solidarity from the people of the U.S. to defend Venezuelan sovereignty.


Red Nation: New coalition of resistance stands up for Native rights

Listen now: Paige Murphy, an organizer with Red Nation and a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Albuquerque, N.M., discusses the coalition’s campaigns for Native rights, including the current struggle to abolish Columbus Day in New Mexico and for the decolonization of Native land across the United States.


Black Lives Matter: fighting racism & militarization of the community

Listen now: Yasmina Mrabet with DC Ferguson discusses the effect recent police killings have had on the Black Lives Matter movement against racist police terror. Mrabet describes the efforts of the coalition to fight militarized policing in Washington, D.C.


The struggle for women’s liberation in the United States

Listen now: Elizabeth Perez of WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) discusses the history of International Women’s Day, the recent fights and the continued struggle for women’s liberation. WORD is calling for or participating in many actions around International Women’s Day, which is March 8. View a list of events around the country by clicking here.


Free Maile Hampton!

Listen now: On February 25, Sacramento police arrested and charged activist Maile Hampton, a young Black woman, with felony “lynching.” After being held on $100,000 bail, Maile is now out of jail but faces the threat of four years in prison on the charges.