The movement against police terror: growth and challenges

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leading member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the PSL’s 2016 vice-presidential candidate, discusses the movement against police terror in the United States one year after the police murder of Michael Brown. He provides historical context for today’s movement and describes necessary tasks to move the fight against racism forward.


Voices from California’s Central Valley: How the drought crisis impacts poor and working people

Listen now: Liberation Radio reports from Tulare County in California’s Central Valley, where working and poor people have been hit hardest by the ongoing drought. While big agribusiness continues draining reserves in search of ever-greater profits, local and state governments have done nothing to help the people affected the most by the crisis.


Racist massacre in Charleston – spawn of an empire of violence

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, reviews the history of racist violence and the current racism generated by right-wing U.S. politicians and the media that led to the massacre of nine members of the Emanuel AME Church. Capitalist politicians describe this act as “tragedy,” but when nine members of a historic African-American church are murdered by a racist vigilante while engaged in prayer, it can only be described as another expression of racist terror that has dominated the history of the United States and South Carolina. The Confederate flag, a symbol of slavery and terrorism, still flies over the South Carolina State House. Puryear also explains the history of this church, which was co-founded by anti-slavery martyr Denmark Vesey, who the state of South Carolina put to death in 1822 along with many other freedom fighters and enslaved people. Vesey’s crime: organizing to liberate enslaved people in South Carolina and elsewhere.

J.R. White

Updates from the Baltimore Uprising

Listen nowEugene Puryear, a leader of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, reports on the situation in Baltimore, speaking about the social and economic oppression facing the city’s residents as well as the importance of movements in making social change. He also discusses the national campaign to drop the charges against hundreds of people who have been arrested in the fightback movement there.


The struggle for marriage equality

Listen now: Zachary Wolfe, an attorney and professor at Georgetown University, analyzes the cases before the Supreme Court regarding state bans on same-sex marriage and the prospects for nationwide marriage equality,and explains the rights protected by the 14th Amendment. He was in attendance at the Supreme Court oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges last month.


Free Maile Hampton movement overturns “lynching’ charge

Listen now: Yasmina Mrabet, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Washington, D.C. and an activist with DCFerguson, describes the nationwide movement to demand that all charges be dropped against ANSWER Coalition member and Black Lives Matter activist Maile Hampton, including the recent victory that the outrageous felony “lynching” charge was dropped and the continuing campaign to demand that her remaining charge be dropped.


Congo resistance leader on the liberation of the Congo and Africa

Listen now: Ben Kabamba, one of many activists affected in the continued crackdown against revolutionary student activists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, speaks on the resistance movement against neo-colonialism in the country. The Congo, the largest resource-rich country in Africa, has long been deemed key to the liberation of Africa. For more information, visit friendsofthecongo.org.


Civil war unfolds in Yemen with U.S. go-ahead

Listen now: Jane Cutter, an editor of Liberation News and a leading member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, details the forces behind the civil war unfolding in Yemen. Yemen is currently under bombing attacks by neighboring Saudi Arabia with the blessing of the U.S. imperialists. Ground troops from Saudi Arabia and Egypt may follow in a proxy war resulting from U.S. war and occupation in the region.


Listen now: Ferguson and the growing movement against racist police terror, international issues from Iraq, Syria and Gaza to Cuba and the Ukraine, workers’ struggles for $15 Now and against the privatization of the postal service, the People’s Climate March, struggles of veterans against the war and much more — name a struggle in 2014 and Liberation Radio was there covering those engaged in fighting for change! Liberation Radio reviews 2014 as we begin another year of fightback!

police brutality protest with child and i can't breathe

Huge demonstrations push forward movement against police terror

Listen now: Kerbie Joseph from the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York City reports on the outpouring of protesters in recent marches across the country against police terror. She discusses the steadfast movement that continues to grow.

detainee at us torture camp

Report details massive U.S. torture program

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the PSL in Washington, D.C., discusses the worldwide outcry upon the release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on torture. He looks at the context of the report and how we should respond.

cuban 5 are free

The Cuban Five are finally free!

Listen now: Gloria La Riva, National Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, discusses the 16-year struggle to free the Cuban Five, how the Five exposed the CIA’s counterrevolutionary activities, and the shift in U.S.-Cuba relations.


Struggle for justice for the 43 in Ayotzinapa grips Mexico

Listen now: Frank Lara, an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in San Francisco, discusses the outpouring against the state-sponsored disappearance of the 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, and how it relates to police terror in the U.S.


“I can’t breathe” echoes across the U.S.

Listen now: Karla Reyes, an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York, reports on the mass reaction to the non-indictment of Daniel Pantaleo for the killing of Eric Garner in the wake of the Darren Wilson decision.


Beneath the surface: An analysis of the real meaning of the midterm elections

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, candidate for D.C. Council At-Large on the D.C. Statehood Green Party ticket, discusses the meaning of low voter turnout in the mid-term elections and the interest of voters in progressive issues like increasing the minimum wage.

Listen now: PSL’s Gloria La Riva looks at the life of Martin Luther King as the holiday in his honor has become a rallying point for emerging racial and economic justice struggles inspired by his work.

Listen now: Eugene Puryear of the ANSWER Coalition looks back at the life of Amiri Baraka, the poet, political organizer and activist who recently passed away, and his complex, fearlessly revolutionary politics.

Listen now: Middle East analyst and writer Richard Becker critiques the corporate media’s rewriting of the life of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and Sharon’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

Listen now: Chuck Kaufman, National Coordinator of the Alliance for Global Justice, speaks on the upcoming Tear Down the Walls conference bringing together immigrant rights, environmental justice, anti-imperialist and other movements to talk strategy and action.

Listen now: Mike Prysner, co-founder of March Forward!, discusses U.S. efforts to secure immunity for its war crimes against the people of Afghanistan and what Washington’s latest maneuvers reveal about the colonial character of the ongoing occupation.

Listen now: Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, gives an update on efforts to free the Cuban Five and analyzes the upcoming UN vote against the U.S.-imposed economic blockade of Cuba.