Introducing the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Listen now: Gloria La Riva, who long served as the National Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, introduces the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee. With the release of all of the Cuban Five last December, the National Committee is transforming to form a new organization to build solidarity and support for Cuba and Venezuela in the United States.

police brutality protest with child and i can't breathe

Huge demonstrations push forward movement against police terror

Listen now: Kerbie Joseph from the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York City reports on the outpouring of protesters in recent marches across the country against police terror. She discusses the steadfast movement that continues to grow.

detainee at us torture camp

Report details massive U.S. torture program

Listen now: Eugene Puryear, a leader of the PSL in Washington, D.C., discusses the worldwide outcry upon the release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on torture. He looks at the context of the report and how we should respond.

cuban 5 are free

The Cuban Five are finally free!

Listen now: Gloria La Riva, National Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, discusses the 16-year struggle to free the Cuban Five, how the Five exposed the CIA’s counterrevolutionary activities, and the shift in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Listen now: Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, analyzes the looming threat of a U.S. attack on Syria, the lies being spun to sell a new war to the public and the urgent need for mass mobilization in solidarity with the Syrian people.

Listen now: PSL member and ANSWER Coalition organizer Doug Kauffman discusses the prisoners’ hunger strike in California and why prisoners are putting their lives on the line to expose the barbaric reality of the U.S. prison system.

Listen now: Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, gives an update on the case of the Cuban heroes unjustly imprisoned for 15 years by the U.S. government for their efforts to protect Cuba from terrorist activity.

  • Liberation Radio gets an eyewitness account from a Turkish activist of the demonstrations that began as a protest against private development of public space and has blossomed into a mass popular movement against the government led by the Justice and Development Party. Due to the government crackdown, our guest has asked to remain anonymous.
  • Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, civil rights attorney and executive director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, explains a new lawsuit seeking to expose government misconduct in the political trial and unjust conviction of the Cuban Five. The State Department has refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request from Liberation Newspaper, the newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, demanding the disclosure of documents related to illegal payments to journalists who were covering the case of the Cuban Five — but the latest lawsuit seeks to bring out the truth.
  • PSL member and activist Sarah Carlson discusses hunger and food insecurity in the United States. The profit-driven harvesting of crops deprives millions of one of the most basic human needs: food. Why are people going hungry in the richest country in the world?