Fear, racism and the Trump campaign

Listen now: Karina Garcia, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York City, speaks to the role that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign plays for the ruling class. She reviews his racist demagoguery against Latino people in particular, his program of American exceptionalism, and how although some are swayed by this, the majority are seeking real alternatives to the issues faced by working people.


The meaning of the upcoming Greek elections

Listen now: Walter Smolarek, a regular contributor to Liberation News, discusses the upcoming elections in Greece, the split within SYRIZA and how it may play out, and the continued struggle of the Greek people against austerity.


The struggle against Puerto Rico’s unpayable debt

Listen now: Francisco Fortuño Bernier of the Movement Socialista de Trabajadores (Workers’ Socialist Movement) and its student counterpart Unión de Juventudes Socialists (Union of Socialist Youth) speaks about his experience in the Puerto Rican student movement that carried out strikes against the unpayable $72 billion debt the island has accrued through the colonial relationship under U.S. domination. Half of people in Puerto Rico already live in poverty. Now, austerity programs will continue to expand – an attack that will be met with increased struggle.


Listen now: Ferguson and the growing movement against racist police terror, international issues from Iraq, Syria and Gaza to Cuba and the Ukraine, workers’ struggles for $15 Now and against the privatization of the postal service, the People’s Climate March, struggles of veterans against the war and much more — name a struggle in 2014 and Liberation Radio was there covering those engaged in fighting for change! Liberation Radio reviews 2014 as we begin another year of fightback!

Listen now: Radhika Miller, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney and member of the PSL, discusses the Bank of America fraud settlement reached with the U.S. Justice Department for $16 billion dollars.

Listen now: Mazda Majidi of the Party for Socialism and Liberation provides an analysis of the U.N. Security Council resolution on Libya for a ceasefire and reviews the role of U.S. imperialism in the current instability and violence in the North African nation.

Listen now: PSL’s Eugene Puryear discusses politically motivated prosecutions following the release of civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart after a global movement organized for her freedom.

Listen now: Jane Cutter of Liberation News talks about her recent article on health care disparities and the impact of racism on Black women facing breast cancer.

Listen now: PSL organizer Walter Smolarek analyzes the “taper,” a Federal Reserve effort to protect capitalist institutions, and contrasts it with cuts in unemployment insurance and other services that serve far more people.

Listen now: PSL organizer Walter Smolarek covers the new budget agreement aimed at avoiding the sequestration deadline, but which sells out poor and working people in the process.

Listen now: Liberation newspaper’s Eugene Puryear takes an extended look at France’s recent intervention in the Central African Republic, and the long history of colonialism in the region.

Listen now: PSL organizer Radhika Miller analyzes a new report, which points out the egregiousness of life sentences for minor nonviolent offenses in the United States.

Listen now: PSL member Mazda Majidi examines U.S.-Iran talks over Iran’s nuclear program and what the threat of sanctions – even as negotiations continue – means for Iranian sovereignty.

Listen now: Radhika Miller looks at the “economic recovery” policies yielding record profits for the super rich while working families struggle to make ends meet.

Listen now: Ken Lerch, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), Branch 3825 Rockville, MD, examines the no-holds-barred, union-busting efforts to privatize the United States Postal Service that could cost thousands of workers their jobs.

  • Listen now: PSL member Eugene Puryear looks at how SAC Capital and JPMorgan Chase are getting away with massive fraud and other illegal activities without facing any criminal charges.
  • Listen now: Christine Hong of the Korea Policy Institute discusses Korea Peace Days, a series of events calling on Washington to finally sign a peace treaty ending the six-decade-long Korean War. To listen to an extended version of this interview, click here.
  • Listen now: Filmmaker Ben Huff talks about “No Justice, No peace,” a new film on the epidemic of police brutality and the grassroots movement that is pushing back against the systemic violence unleashed by the cops.

Listen now: PSL member and union organizer Gloria La Riva speaks on the BART strike in the San Francisco Bay Area and what’s at stake for organized labor as the public transit workers walk out.

Listen now: Brian Becker, national coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), explains how Democrats are joining Republicans in turning the gov’t shutdown into a major assault on vital social programs including Social Security.

Listen now: Kristy Childs discusses the scourge of sex trafficking, the misconceptions about prostitution, and the fight-back movement against the criminalization of women.

  • PSL member Eugene Puryear analyzes Obama’s address on the killing of Trayvon Martin. Can the president of a racist system be a leading voice against racism?
  • Sarah Sloan, National Staff Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, speaks on the continuing U.S. government war in Korea and anti-war activities marking the 60th anniversary of the armistice agreement that ended active military combat but did not actually end the war. Who is the real aggressor on the Korean peninsula?
  • PSL member John Beacham analyzes Detroit’s bankruptcy, the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history. Is the city’s financial crisis truly inevitable – or a coordinated attack against workers?