J.R. White

Updates from the Baltimore Uprising

Listen nowEugene Puryear, a leader of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, reports on the situation in Baltimore, speaking about the social and economic oppression facing the city’s residents as well as the importance of movements in making social change. He also discusses the national campaign to drop the charges against hundreds of people who have been arrested in the fightback movement there.


The struggle for marriage equality

Listen now: Zachary Wolfe, an attorney and professor at Georgetown University, analyzes the cases before the Supreme Court regarding state bans on same-sex marriage and the prospects for nationwide marriage equality,and explains the rights protected by the 14th Amendment. He was in attendance at the Supreme Court oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges last month.


Free Maile Hampton movement overturns “lynching’ charge

Listen now: Yasmina Mrabet, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Washington, D.C. and an activist with DCFerguson, describes the nationwide movement to demand that all charges be dropped against ANSWER Coalition member and Black Lives Matter activist Maile Hampton, including the recent victory that the outrageous felony “lynching” charge was dropped and the continuing campaign to demand that her remaining charge be dropped.

Listen now: Nathalie Hrizi of the Party for Socialism and Liberation examines the role of John Kerry as well as the United Nations as the war on Gaza unfolds, and looks at the global protest movement demanding justice in Palestine and an end to Israel’s brutal assault.

Listen now: Alberto Roque has lived openly gay in Cuba for decades. He became an activist and spokesperson for LGBTQ justice, acceptance and awareness, and recently spoke in San Francisco about the challenges facing the movement.

Listen now: Al Riccio of the Party for Socialism and Liberation talks about the Jane Doe case and how the Justice for Jane campaign is challenging mass incarceration and the plight of transgender youth.

Listen now: Attorney Radhika Miller investigates the media frenzy around the Bowe Bergdahl story, amid claims Bergdahl should have not been freed due to his alleged anti-war views.

Listen now: Rene Ruiz of Liberation Radio reports from the scene of protests in Salinas, California, where a string of killings by area police have outraged the community.

Listen now: ANSWER Coalition’s Brian Becker joins the program to discuss U.S. and European Union support for the far-right forces that have taken power in the Ukraine, the demonization of Russia and an authentic anti-imperialist orientation to the crisis.

Listen now: Attorney Radhika Miller examines basketball player Jason Collins joining the Brooklyn Nets, breaking a barrier for LGBTQ athletes. She also looks at Collins’ selection in light of the recent Arizona-NFL showdown over anti-gay legislation.

Listen now: Liberation Radio’s Jessie Farine interviews a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center worker and an SEIU organizer about the fight for a living wage for labor in the state, as the movement gains momentum.

Listen now: Attorney Radhika Miller examines Michael Sam — an expected draft pick in the upcoming NFL lottery — coming out as gay, and professional sports’ ongoing debate over LGBT athletes.

Listen now: Party for Socialism and Liberation activist Jessie Farine relates what’s happening in Pittsburgh as workers fight prominent healthcare organization UPMC over benefits and staffing amid a citywide backlash against the nonprofit’s practices.

Listen now: Liberation Radio’s Rene Ruiz reports on the scene from a drone protest in California as nationwide concerns over strikes, executive power and civil liberties grow. Interviewees were arrested in a recent protest against drones.

  • Attorney Zachary Wolfe discusses the legal implications of the Supreme Court’s DOMA and Prop. 8 rulings to the struggle for LGBT rights. What do the rulings say about the prospect for further victories around the country?
  • Sarah Sloan, national staff coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), discusses the latest on the conflict in Syria, including the unsubstantiated allegations of use of chemical weapons and the real intentions of the U.S., British and French governments. A broad coalition of anti-war groups has called national days of action against intervention in Syria from June 28 to July 17 (more info at www.AnswerCoalition.org).
  • PSL member Gloria La Riva recounts the courageous story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed 60 years ago for standing up to the anti-communist witch-hunt.
  • Law professor Zachary Wolfe discusses the pending Supreme Court rulings on two key marriage equality cases. What are the factors driving the Court’s coming decisions, and how will the struggle for LGBT equality be impacted?
  • Activist Gloria La Riva explores the destruction of the Earth’s oceans. How is capitalism devastating one of the world’s richest natural resources, and what can be done to reverse the damage?
  • Native American activist Bethany Woody talks about the struggle of the Navajo nation against powerful uranium mining interests, whose operations have resulted in extensive contamination of Native lands.
  • Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace and the Bradley Manning Support Network discusses efforts by the government to shut out the public from the politically charged trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning, who faces a life sentence for heroically exposing U.S. war crimes. For more information on the Bradley Manning case, visit www.BradleyManning.org.
  • PSL member and queer and trans rights activist Jac Mautner discusses organizing efforts against anti-LGBT bigotry in the aftermath of the killing of Mark Carson. The murder of the 32-year-old gay man is the latest episode in a series of incidents of anti-LGBT harassment and violence in Manhattan.
  • Student debt expert and ANSWER Coalition organizer Radhika Miller discusses the dire crisis faced by U.S. students who collectively owe $1 trillion and could see their student load interest rates double this summer. Why does education come at such a high price in the richest country in the world?
  • Heidi Boghosian, the executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, joins Liberation Radio to discuss the fight for the release of radical attorney and political prisoner Lynne Stewart. Stewart has terminal cancer and the fight for her freedom has become a fight for her life.
  • Akbar Muhammad, the international representative of the Nation of Islam, analyses the consequences of  the imperialist-backed overthrow and murder of Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi. Muhammad discusses the devastating impact of the U.S.-led intervention in Libya and the broader implications for the African continent.
  • Organizer Stewart Stout speaks on the targeting of LGBT youth by the New York City police department’s Stop and Frisk campaign. Stout recently wrote an article on the use of stop and frisk being used specifically against LGBT residents, which can be found on LiberationNews.org.
  • Brian Becker, national coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, discusses the massive clandestine operation conducted by the Obama administration in Syria over the past two years to pump guns, heavy military equipment and money to fuel that country’s civil war, and the role of U.S. client states in advancing Washington’s regional goals.
  • Ken Lerch, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 3825 in Rockville, Md., joins Liberation Radio following rallies held in every state across the country to save six-day mail delivery to discuss what is at stake in the battle for the future of the postal service.
  • Suyapa Portillo of the Latino Equality Alliance talks about the struggle for same-sex marriage and the broader fight for LGBT rights as the Supreme Court considers landmark cases on California’s bigoted Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.