Listen now: Eugene Puryear, author of ‘Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America,’ speaks on the rebellion in Ferguson, Mo., and the need for a sustained movement against racist police terror.

Listen now: Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, analyzes the crisis in Iraq, discussing the U.S. deployment of Special Forces, the bombing campaign and Washington’s role in the rise of ISIS.

Listen now: Attorney Radhika Miller speaks on the O’Bannon ruling victory for college athletes, allowing them to benefit from the use of their name and likeness in video games, jerseys and other promotional items.

Listen now: Al Riccio of the Party for Socialism and Liberation talks about the Jane Doe case and how the Justice for Jane campaign is challenging mass incarceration and the plight of transgender youth.

Listen now: Attorney Radhika Miller investigates the media frenzy around the Bowe Bergdahl story, amid claims Bergdahl should have not been freed due to his alleged anti-war views.

Listen now: Rene Ruiz of Liberation Radio reports from the scene of protests in Salinas, California, where a string of killings by area police have outraged the community.

Listen now: Sydney Hodge of the Party for Socialism and Liberation reports on the Albuquerque, New Mexico movement against police brutality that has emerged in the wake of the killing of James Boyd captured on video.

Listen now: Mazda Majidi of Liberation News addresses the latest on the situation in Syria, from gains by the country’s leadership against insurgents to the engagement of Turkey, Jordan and Israel in the war.

Listen now: Attorney Heather Benno analyzes a recent federal court ruling against California for its treatment of mentally ill inmates in solitary confinement in the state’s prison system.

Listen now: Brian Becker of the ANSWER Coalition reports on the movement in Ukraine against the neo-fascist leadership in that country.

Listen now: Peta Lindsay of WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) speaks on the equal pay debate in the news and women’s oppression today.

Listen now: More voices from a recent California conference against police brutality. This week, we look at organizing strategies.

Listen now: Socialist and DC Council at large candidate Eugene Puryear speaks out on the impact of the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon decision, the growth of power for the ruling class, and prospects for change as capitalists consolidate their forces.

Listen now: Jane Cutter of Liberation News covers the latest United Nations report on global warming and its effect on food security in the coming years, as well as the way the West is seeking to force this issue to protect big business.

Listen now: The ANSWER Coalition united with families affected by police brutality for a recent California Statewide Conference to End Police Terror. This Liberation Radio, we feature voices from that event.

Listen now: Gloria La Riva of the Party for Socialism and Liberation reports on the ongoing right-wing unrest in Venezuela and the fight for the country’s future as the first anniversary of President Hugo Chavez’s death nears.

Listen now: Shesheena Bray of the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home discusses the Justice Department nomination of an attorney who worked on Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case and how the Fraternal Order of Police and allies are attempting to attack him.

Listen now: Native American activist Jacqueline Keeler of Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, an online organizing group, shares how the activists went from meeting to Twitter to taking their demands to the Super Bowl, and implications for building campaigns.

Listen now: The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Frank Lara shares the experience of his recent trip to El Salvador to witness the elections and the growing power of the Latin American left.

Listen now: PSL member Kashara reports on the racial profiling and brutal assault of 16-year-old Darrin Manning by Philadelphia police.

Listen now: Radhika Miller of the Party for Socialism and Liberation analyzes what the anniversary of the Guantanamo camp’s opening has meant for human rights, the political climate and imperial power.

Listen now: Iraq veteran Mike Prysner of March Forward assesses the latest word on sectarian violence in Iraq and imperialism’s role in creating the conditions that have plunged the country into new warfare.

Listen now: Kerbie Joseph of the ANSWER Coalition shares how New York City is organizing against the return of William Bratton as police commissioner, as well as the stop-and-frisk policies he ushered in.

Listen now: PSL organizer Eugene Puryear speaks on the recent Massachusetts crime lab scandal rife with prosecutorial misconduct and other official abuses under the War on Drugs banner.

Listen now: Gloria La Riva of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five discusses recent news of the suspension of Cuban consular services after its sole financial partner withdraws.

Listen now: Filmmaker Deirdre Sinnott talks about the 1990 New York case that resulted in the imprisonment of seven youth, and her film “23 Reasons Why 23 Years in Enough: Clemency for Pascual Carpenter,” which chronicles one defendant’s experience.

Listen now: PSL member Rene Ruiz talks about the Nov. 9 demonstrations across California demanding justice for Andy Lopez, a 13-year-old boy murdered by Sonoma County police, and the fight against widespread police brutality.

Listen now: WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) activist Danielle Norwood examines the new attack against reproductive rights spearheaded by Republicans in Congress seeking to criminalize abortion after 20 weeks.

Listen now: Civil rights attorney and organizer Heather Benno looks at the case of Marissa Alexander, and why she remains behind bars despite being granted a new trial.