Turkey excludes Kurdish groups from peace talks

Listen now: Elif Sarican of the Kurdish Student Union discusses recent developments in Eastern Turkey. While media in the United States lauds the resistance of Kurdish resistance groups against ISIS, those groups have also been excluded in the recent peace talks. She also analyzes the relationship between the Turkish government, and U.S./NATO imperialism. The Turkish government, a partner of global imperialists, has waged a war of dehumanization and extermination against Kurdish people for nearly a century.


Haiti rises up

Listen now: Kim Ives, co-founder and editor of the international weekly newspaper Haiti Liberté, talks about the recent protests in Haiti against the government of President Michel Martelly. On January 22, thousands marched to central square in Port-au-Prince to demand new elections after massive voter fraud in the first two rounds of voting, and to denounce a government ban on demonstrations. In response, the Martelly government has planned massive police and paramilitary repression.

Could talks lead to a ceasefire in Syria?

Listen now: Ben Becker, editor of the book Imperialism in the 21st Century and a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in New York City, reviews the increasing likelihood of a policy shift among Western powers allowing for a ceasefire between the Syrian government and insurgent forces following talks in Vienna. While the shoot down of a Russian jet by Turkey, a country dependent on the United States and NATO, complicates this process, the possibility of new alliances also exist, including a significant army of insurgent forces in Syria ready to fight against ISIS.

Woman in Beirut holds poster of Imad Mughniyah

CIA carried out terrorist bombing in Syria’s capital – why are they claiming it now?

Listen now: Richard Becker, author of Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire, analyzes the recent admission by the CIA that, along with Mossad, it carried out a terrorist car bombing in Damascus, Syria, in 2008. After you listen to the interview, read more at

eugene speaking at no war on iraq rally

The next phase of the anti-war movement

Listen now: Sarah Sloan, National Staff Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, discusses the next phase of the anti-war movement and upcoming actions marking the 12th anniversary of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, culminating in a Rally and March at the White House on Saturday, March 21.

Listen now: Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, responds to Obama’s speech on the crisis caused by U.S. intervention in Iraq and Syria, and the need to organize to oppose these wars to dominate the people and resources of the Middle East.

Listen now: Radhika Miller, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney and member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, analyzes the the role of the billionaire owners in professional sports and the disturbing realities that result from their rule.

Listen now: Sydney Hodge of the Party for Socialism and Liberation reports on the Albuquerque, New Mexico movement against police brutality that has emerged in the wake of the killing of James Boyd captured on video.

Listen now: Mazda Majidi of Liberation News addresses the latest on the situation in Syria, from gains by the country’s leadership against insurgents to the engagement of Turkey, Jordan and Israel in the war.

Listen now: Attorney Heather Benno analyzes a recent federal court ruling against California for its treatment of mentally ill inmates in solitary confinement in the state’s prison system.

Listen now: Women Organized to Resist and Defend’s Heather Benno reports on the Marissa Alexander case, and state prosecutors’ attempts to send her back to prison, as well as the movement to free Alexander.

Listen now: Liberation newspaper’s Mazda Majidi analyzes the internationally brokered talks on Syria’s nuclear program, the push to exclude Iran, and the sides left participating in negotiations.

Listen now: The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Nathalie Hrizi speaks about her run for the California Insurance Commissioner seat, the healthcare situation facing the state, and why she’s running for office regulating the insurance industry.

  • PSL member Eugene Puryear speaks on the fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, shortly after PSL and ANSWER took to the streets with others in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the racist murder of the African American youth.
  • Nathalie Hrizi of WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) talks about the brutal rape cases in New Delhi, India, and Steubenville, Ohio, that made international headlines and drew thousands to protest violence against women.
  • WORD organizer Danielle Norwood speaks on the fight against anti-abortion legislation in Texas after it passed the state legislature amid mass protests and a nationally publicized filibuster.
  • Egyptian activist Salma gives an eyewitness account of mass demonstrations in Egypt culminating in the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi by the military. What lies ahead for the revolutionary movement in Egypt? (Salma asked that her last name be withheld.)
  • Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, reports back on his visit to the Middle East and dissects the imperialist narrative on the highly publicized allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria.

Listen now: Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, reports back on his recent visit to the Middle East and dissects the imperialist narrative on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Listen now: Radhika Miller speaks on the growing labor activism among retail and food service workers fighting for decent pay, benefits and better working conditions, and explains why workers deserve more – and businesses can afford it.

Listen now: Nathalie Hrizi of WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) looks at the case of Marissa Alexander and why the fight for her freedom has become a focal point for the struggle against racism and women’s oppression.

Listen now: Sarah Sloan, national staff coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), looks at the White House’s change of strategy on Syria before mass opposition and lack of congressional support. Is a U.S. attack off the table?

Listen now: Carl Messineo, legal director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, analyzes the farcical oversight of the NSA that effectively empowered the spy agency to break the law and violate the Constitution without consequence.

Listen now: PSL member Eugene Puryear reflects on the Ku Klux Klan bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., and its galvanizing impact on the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Listen now: Sarah Sloan, national staff coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), discusses the new anti-war movement that has sprung up around the country as the White House ramps up its efforts to launch a strike against Syria. Additional audio from the Sept. 7 demonstration against a war on Syria in Washington, D.C., can be found here.
  • Listen now: PSL member and ANSWER organizer Gloria La Riva looks back at the devastating 1999 U.S./NATO-led bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, which La Riva documented in her film “NATO Targets.” What can we learn from that 90-day “limited operation” as the Obama administration seeks to carry out a similar campaign against Syria?
  • Listen now: Brazilian activist Toya Mileno talks about NSA espionage targeting government leaders in Brazil and Mexico. What is behind the U.S. agency’s surveillance of foreign leaders, and how will it impact relations between Washington and Latin America?